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  [gallery link="none" size="full" theme="photomosaic" columns="2" ids="5822,5823,5824,5826,5828,5829,5832,5833,5834"]  IMAGERY VIA BAZAAR MUMMA & PINTEREST    THE 'NEWBIE' MUM New to the game with a blossoming bump or bub already in tow, treat her to some stylish little luxuries to compliment her new lifestyle. ­­ Byredo Carrousel Scented Candle $80.10     Gentle Monster Love Punch Aviator Style Sunglasses $388.04   CO-Home

  [gallery size="full" theme="photomosaic" columns="2" ids="3427,3428,3429,3430,3431,3432,3433"] According to the angels, training and preparing for the show is no easy task and maintaining a super healthy diet and consistent exercise regime are absolutely crucial elements of getting into "tip-top" shape (Ahem, see Vaulties, even these *ANGELS* have to work

[gallery size="large" theme="photomosaic" columns="2" ids="1629,1630,1631,1628,1632"]  CLEAN UP THE SMUDGING MASCARA “DRIBBLE” It’s about being prepared in that desk drawer of yours with having all the essentials you need on hand to recover quickly and oh-so efficiently! Eyedrops. Check.  Makeup wipes. Check.  These wipes allow your to remove the mascara

[gallery columns="2" size="full" theme="photomosaic" ids="1578,1576"] ON SKINCARE & MAKEUP: “You know what’s good for your own face”   “Everybody has something different—they’ve learned what’s best for them, and I’ve learned what’s best for me.” Drat. It seems their gorgeous-looking faces are courtesy of really good genes and not an easily shareable

[gallery columns="2" size="full" theme="photomosaic" ids="1337,1335,1338,1339,1336"] FREJA BEHA The rock chick Danish model boasts at least ten tattoos, including inscriptions (Serendipity is me, This world tonight is mine, Redemption), symbols (a triangle, three circles and a star) and even a revolver on the inside of her arm. [gallery size="full" theme="photomosaic" columns="2"