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The difference between body and cosmetic tattoos…

Cosmetic tattoos are much thinner and more sensitive than your regular body tattoos! There is no big scary buzzing machine but rather a much smaller, sophisticated hand tool. We use different techniques in cosmetic tattooing and the pigment formula is semi permanent, lasting about 1-2 years.

The best part about this treatment being semi permanent is that your face changes as you age; no one will have the exact same eyebrows at 50 as they did at 25! Your eyebrows should suit your face to keep them looking as natural as possible.

Be wary, because some salons use body pigment on the face, this isn’t ideal as it can last up to 10 years! What suits us now might not suit us in 10 years time…


Any long term affects from eyebrow tattooing…

There are no adverse affects of eyebrow tattooing. At Parlour B, we are always conscious of the client’s well being, now and later down the track.

Eyebrow tattooing will enhance the natural appearance of your brows without makeup.

You’ll feel fresh something something  ……


The pain radar involved…

My clients all say that the eyebrow tweezing is more painful than the actual tattooing!

We give you a numbing ointment to apply an hour before your treatment, but pain varies between different people. Most rate it a 4/10 for ouch level.


How eyebrows can change your face…

We communicate and express our emotions with our eyebrows, they are not only there to frame our face but also bring out individual character.




The eyebrow design process…

This is the most important part! We do a 1.5-hour consultation to discuss what the client wants to get out of this procedure, how it would work for them and discuss the overall look of their desired brows.

It is extremely important that each brow is suited to the individual. It is not just about making a beautiful brow, but shaping the facial structure and taking into consideration the clients eyes, nose, lips, face structure and dimensions, personal concerns and wishes.

If the client tells us they want big, dark and bold brows but it doesn’t suit their face we will tell them! We have over 25 years experience in creating facial harmony, your brows shouldn’t be the first thing people see, they should just be there to simply complement your look.


The “hair stroke” technique…

Each stroke is done by hand with a small pen-like tool. Each blade stroke represents a single hairline. To create brows looking as natural as possible, there should be a small skin gap between each hairline to create that “feathering” look.


Being an appropriate procedure for everyone…

This procedure isn’t for everyone! We will always tell you what will work for your skin condition and hair density.


Timing & the healing process…

After the consultation we book you in for your first tattoo session. For 7 days after the first procedure you cannot wet your eyebrows, so ladies stock up on those face wipes and beg your mum, sister, housemate or partner to wash your hair over the tub for you!

4 weeks later and you are ready for your second session! In-between this period you’ll have to keep your brows moisturised with healing cream (provided by Parlour B) to retain the pigment and encourage healing. Your eyebrows will form tiny micro-scabs as a part of the body’s natural healing process. These will disappear very quickly.

2 sessions late and your dream brows are complete!


The stages of the brow process…

  1. Prep
  • Consultation and confirmation of the treatment plan and eyebrow design
  • Comfort and control (AKA anaesthetic!)
  • We measure your face and sketch out the shape of your new brows on your face so you can see how they look before we start
  1. Treatment
  • Perform the tattoo with appropriate micro blade tools
  • Client comfort: We use an anaesthetic throughout treatment
  1. Aftercare
  • Healing balm to be used after treatment and follow all care instructions provided. Follow up treatment 4 weeks later and repeat.


Other procedures to consider for brows…

As we have mentioned, this procedure isn’t for everyone! If we have advised that eyebrow tattooing isn’t for you there are still other options to consider, such as classic eyebrow tinting and colour management, this is great for blondes and greys. Your eyebrow shape can be changed and maintained with waxing or tweezing.


What’s the next big thing in the eyebrow world?

Micro blading came in like a storm to the permanent makeup world! Ombre or hybrid brows are the next big thing – #watchthisspace







As experienced first-hand by our Editor, Laura:


“Safe to say my brows aren’t my strongest feature of my face so when I had this opportunity to do something about it, I did.  I’ve always found my eyebrows need quite a lot of attention, especially with the fact I am a little lazy when it comes to the maintenance side of them.  I rarely wax, occasionally I pluck, but I find the upkeep somewhat frustrating and left with little difference.  I’ve also noticed, on the starting point of my right brow, I have lost hair, and therefore, my eyebrows are somewhat lob-sided in appearance.  To top it off, I am not a fan of my overly “rainbow-shape” arches, not to mention my fair-haired nature, along with the sparseness across the rest of my brow that I realised I wanted to change them. 


When I first walked into Parlour B, sweaty handed, shakiness in my voice, I was greeted with the beautiful Josephine at the front desk.  Her calm nature made me feeling instantly at ease and the salon itself was as though I had just stepped foot into a glamorous styling suite.  I immediately felt comfortable and started embracing the idea of what I was about to do.  I was handed an information form, filled out my details and was on my way to meeting Junie.  Instantly I was even more intrigued.  I laid down, had her examine (and take photos) of my brows and face structure, analysing every detail and dimension as she continued to ask me a few questions of my expectations out of the procedure.  My answer was pretty simple:  ‘I want my brows to look neater, but not overdone.  I am not a neat person in my appearance, I just want them to feel like they have a little structure and oomph.’  Junie giggled and proceeded to draw away happily on my brows.  I was then greeted by the owner, Nathan who I also had an instant connection to with his welcoming (and fabulous!) nature.


Once we had worked out we were on the same ‘shape-page’, (a few photo examples later and the brows I aim to sport) Junie worked her magic, one ink stroke at a time.  My expectation was to be in constant pain (although I had applied numbing cream an hour before!), but in fact, it was the plucking prior to the blading that I found far more painful.  It felt more like a scratching feeling, rather than a Zzzz buzzing needle.  Junie used a tiny scalpel-like instrument with several heads to gently scratch the skin, before the colour was generously applied.  The process was simple, original eyebrows still intact just fuller and far more plush.  


All in all, I really wish I had taken the plunge earlier as it has been the best beauty treatment I had undergone to date.  No doubt, this treatment doesn’t come cheaply, but I consider it more an investment.  I highly recommend Junie from Parlour B, as she seriously is the ‘brow guru.’  It’s not often I’m trusting of procedures, nor do I let just anyone work away on my face, but without a doubt I’ll be continuing my love affair for the tattooing trend and have Parlour B inked into my Little Black book indefinitely.”


How & why Parlour B is the go-to place for cosmetic tattooing…

No doubt there are many places that offer eyebrow tattooing, but there was a reason I chose to visit Parlour B. They are renowned for being the best in the business and boy did they live up to this expectation!

The service is amazing, their parlour is beautiful, clean and welcoming and they ooze knowledge to make those tattoo virgins (like myself) feel comfortable throughout.


I was lucky enough to lock in Junie to do my brows. She has over 25 years experience, the steadiest hand I have ever seen and has a holistic approach to the design aspect, which is essential to creating brows for each individual face.

Nathan and Junie work very collaboratively, so you have two experts combining their knowledge to give you the best outcome possible.





July 21, 2017
July 26, 2017

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