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Describe yourself in three words…

I don’t think I can come up with three words but in one, I would describe myself as “happy.” I always try to see the best in life and look for the positive in all situations. I always aim to go to bed with a smile on my face and think of all the things I am grateful for in life, even on a bad day!


One hidden quirk no one knows about you…

I don’t want to give away too many of my secrets… 😉


Can you talk us through your morning beauty regime?

Every morning when I get up I splash my face with warm water, head to the gym with no make up or moisturiser on (I like to keep my skin clean so it can breathe at the gym). I’ll then come home, shower and wash my face with The Olay Total Effects Foaming cleanser followed by toner and then massage my face with the Gentle Day Cream. I love having a gentle option in the range; it’s perfect for my sensitive skin.


What are your skin saviours?

Olay Total Effects Night Cream, it sits on my bedside table all the time so there is never a night where I don’t apply it! And an SK-II mask, I always travel with my skin care and even apply a mask when I am flying long haul.


Your three non-negotiable beauty products?

A good primer

Good quality mascara

The perfect red lipstick


What’s your go-to Spring makeup look and the products you love?

Dewy, radiant skin !! Glowing skin is the foundation of all make up looks. I’m also really loving a bright lip at the moment.


The Olay Total Effect’s skincare range is such a game-changer in so many ways… What are your application tips?

Be consistent! Create a simple beauty regime and stick to it morning and night and don’t let it falter when you are travelling. It’s also really important to use a different moisturiser for day and night. The Night Cream in the Olay Total Effects range really is a game changer and I love that every product is so affordable!




Keeping active has such a positive effect on inner and outer beauty. Being Olay Total Effect’s new ambassador, modelling in between and making appearances to the best events and showings, how do you find the time to exercise and live a balanced life?

I’ve found the best way to live a balanced life is to prioritise the things that mean the most to you and you know are going to serve you well in life. Healthy eating, exercising, spending good quality time with friends and family are all so important to me alongside my career. This means that I make sure all of these things fit in around each other and I consciously create time for them daily, weekly and monthly. It’s a balancing act but when you know what is important in life to you and what makes you feel fulfilled and happy, you will always find time for it.


Share your beauty mantra and best beauty tip?

A smile is always the most beautiful thing a women can wear! And my best beauty tip is to look after your health holistically. Take care of your mind body and soul…. And moisturise every day 😉


With being such a frequent flyer, what products do you pack in your on-board hand luggage to keep your skin looking fresh?

For long haul I pack an SKII mask and for domestic I pack my Olay total effect gentle day cream, rose water spray, a lip balm and make sure I drink lots and lots of water to stay hydrated. I also travel with makeup wipes as I don’t like to wear makeup when I am flying.


November 3, 2015
September 29, 2016

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