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1.  What was the inspiration behind LUXit?
With my extensive experience in the luxury industry (spanning both fashion and beauty), I was the go-to for arranging hair and makeup for colleagues and photo shoots, and I knew there had to be an easier way to facilitate mobile beauty services.  LUXit is focused on streamlining this booking process, combined with premium service providers who are insured, police checked and the best in their fields. It’s truly the logical progression for the beauty industry in Australia.
2. What do you think it takes to be a successful female entrepreneur?
Define your craft and own it, and use this to find your niche market. Self care is important – stay focused and put yourself first.
3. What is the best career advice you have ever been told?
“Get a law degree”, and it’s absolutely true. Law taught me to think in a measured way, and this has been applied throughout all areas of LUXit.
4. Do you have any tips to help us pamper our skin and hair for summer?
Treat your skin and hair gently, especially if you are spending extra time in the sun, and always leave hair colour changes to the professionals. Hydration is also key, so sip water all day!


5. Tell us more about these detox body wraps..?
Our LUXit body wrap service is an amazing treatment for skin purifying, detoxifying and instant slimming. Already popular in Hollywood, an at-home body wrap will see a full-body application of an exclusive mineral clay formula, after which you are wrapped up to lock in the treatment and allow the ingredients to penetrate the skin for the next hour.  Our skin is our largest organ and the fastest way to detox, and body wraps utilize Ancient Greek, Egyptian and Roman methods mixed with the highest quality modern formula to heal, detoxify, tone, tighten and also nourish the skin with minerals and soothing ingredients to aid fatigue and stress.
6. What are your tips for fixing up a #tantragedy?
Thankfully I haven’t experienced any major mishaps! However, I know enough about the science behind fake tans to know their is no quick fix. I do suggest sweating it out, or go for a long swim in a chlorine pool or a soak in Epsom salt (with lemon to exfoliate away some of the pigment on major areas).  If all else fails, cover up and wear dark clothes – white will only highlight the trouble.
7. What has been the most popular of all of the beauty services you offer?
Hair and makeup is definitely the star of our services, as women prefer the convenience of the whole package of beauty prep before they head out.
8. What is your current favourite beauty trend?
I love hints of gold and silver makeup either in a little winged liner, gloss or on the body – and I’m still very much into white nails because they always look chic and great against a perfect tan.
9. What are three beauty products you couldn’t live without?
–  Chanel Coco Chanel Perfume
–  Bronzer – I love the Guerlain Terracotta range as it’s so natural and an ideal formula.
–  Indio Queen C Serum – It’s a lightweight serum with pure vitamin C, with the perfect balance of skin nutrients.
10. What is the best beauty hack you have kept under wraps?
Definitely body wraps – I’ve used them for years and they make me feel and look refreshed and detoxed, and I’m so glad I can share this with everyone through LUXit.


A note from Fabiola about the important grounding items in her home…
Favourite perfume: Coco Chanel is effortless elegance, it makes me feel like myself instantly, a perfect balance of strength and femininity.
Piece of wood: I hold onto this piece of wood, a personal totem, that I’ve now shaped into a slight groove of my grip. I have trained myself to use it as an anchoring item when I’m feeling disconnected and assists me to refocus.
“Markus the plant”: Markus was given to be my a friend called Mark, a reminder of growth and change. His young leaves are unpredictable, much like life.
The wooden chest: My carved, antique wooden chest represents hidden potential. It’s a physical representation that while you might not be able to see what’s inside, the unknown is still exciting.




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