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Inspired by the Bibhu Mohapatra show at this year’s NYFW, The soft sweep trend helps channel our delicate and feminine side whilst remaining stylish, sleek and sophisticated. This look is versatile and suited to all face shapes making it easy to emulate..  Tick, Tick Tick! Expert Lauren McCowan spills her tips and tricks on how to nail our new fave trend.  

Lauren used Evo builder’s paradise working spray throughout the look; giving flexible but strong hold and completing the style without the hair looking rigid or over worked. The flexibility of the hold allowed for soft movement on the runway and unique shapes across the model’s hair. Lauren also used evo haze styling powder to give texture in and around the front of the hair to frame the face; complimenting the timeless ensembles that radiated definitive sophistication.


“Throughout the ages, sophistication never dates.” – Lauren McCowan


1.  Apply Evo mister fantastic blowout spray to the crown of the head and front hairline.

2.  Blow-dry Evo mister fantastic blowout spray into the hair using Evo Bradford pin bristle brush. Create a side fringe and clip away.


3.  Using a flat iron, create small bends in one direction then release to create new bends further down the shaft.

4.  Work in large vertical sections around the head to create uneven waves through the hair.


5.  Loosely plait the hair in large sections to hold the wave in place. This will prevent dropout.

6.  Lightly spray with Evo Builder’s paradise working hairspray to create flexible hold.