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[gallery link="none" columns="2" size="medium" theme="photomosaic" ids="6690,6570,6568,6566,6565,6563,6562,6682,6686,6685,6688,6687,6689,6693"]   When did you become interested in film? I never really started my career in film. My background was in creative direction for editorials and print shoots. I then made the transition into film upon finishing a fashion internship in LA. There

[gallery link="none" columns="2" size="full" theme="photomosaic" ids="4547,4554,4544,4548,4553"]   GET CONNECTED: WWW.SMACKBANGDESIGNS.COM @SMACKBANGDESIGNS   Describe yourself in three words Creative, strong willed, ambitious… and maybe a little bit stubborn.   How did you get to where you are today? The love of family, support of friends, advice of mentors and a bloody lot of hard work.   Describe your

[gallery size="full" theme="photomosaic" columns="2" ids="2047,2048,2051,2049,2052,2053,2054,2050"] THE QUICK INTRO: Describe yourself in three words… Determined, Inquisitive, Passionate   One hidden quirk no one knows about you… I have what I like to call ‘direction dyslexia’, no matter how many times I’ve been somewhere I manage to forget the directions. Thank god for

[gallery columns="2" size="full" theme="photomosaic" ids="2346,2340,2348,2347,2342,2349,2356,2343,2355,2345,2354,2350"]   GET CONNECTED: @COSETTE.COM.AU WWW.COSETTE.COM.AU   Tell us a little bit about yourself & how you would describe your style? “I’m Parisian living in Sydney, proud owner of a huge shoe closet and lover of yoga, champagne-fuelled girls nights and indulgent beauty treatments. As far as my