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Give us a little background on Carlotta + Gee?

Carlotta + Gee’s friendship blossomed over a love of linen while traveling together in January 2018. Trying to find who, where and when sells quality French linen bedding for a reasonable price was a struggle and we realised it shouldn’t be this hard. We then travelled to France with the mission to find our source.  Carlotta is from Barcelona, Spain while Georgie is from Melbourne. Both international girls at heart and living in Paddington, Sydney. We believe that a good night’s sleep is the most important thing. If you have this, you are set for greatness. Our dream is for people to invest in themselves; in their mind, body, health and wealth. We do believe that having a good sleep will assist and will make you feel inspired, energised, as well as true calmness. Our vision for this company is more than “product”, it’s a lifestyle, dream, aesthetic, personality, vibe – just an overall feeling which they want you to have, feel, touch, smell and see.


Why linen bedding?

Linen bedding is the most natural plant you can sleep in. Being ethical and sustainable is extremely important to us. So, after researching the benefits of the flax plant which is grown in France, we knew this was the one. There isn’t one part of the plant which is wasted – the plant is grown for the bedding; the seeds are eaten and the oil off the plant is used to vanish furniture. Linen also becomes softer with age as it is stone-washed, which means it will last a long time. Other advantages include health benefits with the material stimulating the blood flow. And of course, the aesthetic of a room complete with linen bedding is amazing.


Biggest challenge since the brand’s inception?

Our brand just kind of happened and now somehow, we have a house full of linen, an active website and a strong following of linen lovers. We had a clear vision, knew what we wanted and how we were going to do it. Now the biggest challenge is keeping up with the demand (some would say that is not a bad problem to have) while working 7 days a week.


Starting your own business together…

Has been the best thing we both have done. We were just saying ‘what did we used to do with our spare time beforehand?’ It is a labour of love. The two of us both play different roles in the business but come together each day to check in to ensure we are on track. We have big plans for the future including launching in Europe and the USA. With our drive and determination, we know anything is possible. A quote a friend of ours once said was ‘if you are not scared then it is not worth doing’.


What your studio is filled with… 

French linen bedding! If you come into our terrace house in Paddington, it is practically a linen shop. We have built shelving to separate all the 11 colours and various styles – Queen and King flat & fitted sheets, duvets covers, standard and Euro pillow cases.


Why to invest in something *other* than clothing…

Your sleep is one of the most important investments – if not the most! We sometimes forgot that we are in our bed for nearly the same of time as we are at our desks working, so it needs to be something we value and feel comfortable in. A sleep determines how your day will play out. Try it out tomorrow…. see how you feel once you open your eyes and how this sets the day.


Current workday playlist you are listening to…

Sunshine Songs on Spotify – it makes us smile as we unpack boxes of linen! Or another favourite playlist for the markets (Paddington and Bondi) is the A Star Was Born, it gets people dancing at our stall.


How to make your bed like a grown up… 

It is all about tucking your edges of the sheets in, it will complete any bed. Another trick is dressing the bed with Euro pillows looks fabulous – it adds height and depth while mixing different colours.


How to care for your linen…

It is pretty foolproof. The key is to wash it in warm water on a gentle cycle with like colours. As it is super light, once washed hang it outside to dry – best to dry naturally in a shady spot!


If you could collaborate with anyone, (brand, artist or person) who would it be…

Our dream is to collaborate with Le Labo, perfumery based in NYC. Stay tuned on this….


Do you have a favourite amongst your collection?

As we live in Paddington, we tend to like the natural type of colours however after doing a photo shoot with the Tobacco, Oat and Clay these are now our favourite! It is best to pair this back with fresh white linen sheets too.


The best business advice you have ever been given…

Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done – Carlotta + Gee is proof! Know your brand, find a gap in the market and just work hard. A friend told us not to be scared and take risks, after all it is these who people remember.  


What’s next for Carlotta + Gee?

Let’s just say the next 6 months will be extremely busy. We have our third order arriving shortly and some exciting collaborations in the works. At this stage we have boot strapped the business ourselves, although a couple of people have approached us about investing after seeing us in action.  We will expand to Spain and other parts of Europe and no doubt the USA – watch this space!






October 15, 2018

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