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Describe yourself in three words

Determined, Inquisitive, Passionate


One hidden quirk no one knows about you…

I have what I like to call ‘direction dyslexia’, no matter how many times I’ve been somewhere I manage to forget the directions. Thank god for GPS.


How did you get to where you are today?

Hard work, strong mentors in my early career and a good ability to problem solve.


Describe your creative style or angle in your work…

I like to create my version of classic pieces that I love. Strong iconic shapes, dark gemstones and in a style that is simple yet striking.



What your studio is filled with…

Candles, music photography books and a noisy French bulldog.


Current workday playlist you are listening to…

Tom Petty, The Black Keys & The Easybeats


Your inspirations to get your creative juices flowing…

Definitely music played loud and flicking through references of images of my favourite muses such as Jerry Hall, Bianca Jagger and Debbie Harry.


If you could collaborate with anyone, (brand, artist or person) who would it be…

Alison Mosshart from the Kills. I love her music, her style and her strength. That would be a dream collaboration!


What is the process involved when you are starting a new collection each season? Were you inspired by anything in particular?

The process starts with one key shape, which I build my collection around. I am known for statement earrings, so generally my ideas start with what will be my next ‘it-earring’ then the collection revolves around this.

This season for my ‘Night Fever’ collection I was inspired by Studio 54 and late 70s glamour so I really wanted to work with hammered metal textures and the Venus femme symbol…the rest just evolved from there.


Do you have a favourite amongst your collection?

The ‘Bianca’ maxi-hoop earrings because EVERY girl needs the perfect hoop. And this one is an essential for your jewellery collection!


The best business advice you have ever been given…

Project the brand image today like the brand you want to be in ten years time.


If you could share a tent with anyone, past or present…

Just my husband. He works away from home 3 weeks of the month… so any night with him is bliss.


The advice you would give to your 18 year-old self…

Have more confidence in yourself. You’re way cooler than you think you are. Ha!







…Go for a vibey dinner

When I have friends in town I always take them to the Treehouse in Belongil. It’s simple food with wood fired pizzas but they also have live music every night so it’s always a fun time.


…Get a killer cup of coffee OR your favourite Matcha

The Roadhouse in Byron is my local. They do all sorts of fun beverages, including Matcha and a Mushroom, Chilli & Cacao hot drink for days when your not drinking coffee.


…Get a cheap and cheerful lunch

Again, it’s all about The Roadhouse for me. I live a short walk away, and you can get tacos for breakfast, lunch or dinner, so what’s not to love?


…Stock up on fresh produce

The Byron Farmers Markets every Thursday morning are the best with plenty of veggies, fresh baked breads and great music buskers.


…Go for drinks

St Elmos does the best cocktails in town and it somehow manages to have a city vibe in the sleepy streets of Byron.


…Do absolutely nothing

This is what Byron does best, so pull up a towel at ‘The Pass’ and watch all the local long boarders show-off their skills while enjoying one of the best beaches in Australia.


…Go exploring

Drive south to Boulder’s beach on the mid-tide and explore the beautiful rock pools or take a drive through the hinterland with no real destination in mind.


…Pick up a good vintage find

Mr’s Brown’s vintage has amazing pre-tailored Levis, so they already have the perfect fit!


…Go antique shopping

Head to Brunswick Heads for a plentiful array of great vintage furniture stores.


…Go for rooftop drinks

I don’t think we have a rooftop in Byron! But The Balcony is our closest option, perfect for people watching in the main street of Byron with great tapas and wine options.


…Go for a good time

If you have made it past midnight and are keen to keep the night alive, head up to La La Land for a dance. Hangover guaranteed.


…Go for some R&R

Take a drive to Mullumbimby and visit the Kiva day spa. It has a beautiful wood heated Sauna to totally zone out.


The one place you have to visit before you leave is?!

I know it’s predictable but make sure you do a lighthouse walk (the proper 1hr version) and enjoy a walk from The Pass, through to Wategos, over the lighthouse and through some of Byron’s nature reserve. I try to do this a few times a week just to keep me grounded.

April 13, 2016
September 28, 2016

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