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  1. Do your own thing from time to time.

The key to happily living with each other is to continue doing your own thing. Ladies, just because you are now co-habiting does not mean you need to spend every waking second together, joined at the hip, finishing each other’s sentences and being OTT on the PDA. Instead of getting frustrated with him for playing those silly PlayStation games for hours on end, use this time wisely and go do something you have been meaning to do without interruption – like lighting some candles and relaxing in a nice, warm bubble bath or catching up on the latest episodes of The Bachelor.


  1. Secret Women’s Business.

What happens behind closed bathroom doors stays behind closed bathroom doors. Men for some reason are under the assumption that women don’t fart. They do however, shoot tiny puffs of glitter that sound like a unicorn’s laughter and smell like roses, so why not keep this fabled legend alive (ahem, despite us already knowing that it’s a far cry from the real deal).


  1. A little less conversation, a little more action!

More often than not those uncomfortable, lacy underwear will become a relic of the past. But, why not surprise your man on the odd occasion! It wouldn’t hurt to put on that super sexy lingerie duo that will definitely attract some of the right kind of attention.


  1. Happy spouse, happy house.

Every now and then it wouldn’t hurt to run that extra mile for your man – whether it be surprising him when he returns home from work only to see you standing over the stove in nothing but an apron and a killer pair of Louboutin’s cooking his favourite home cooked dinner or leaving him a sweet note by the coffee pot of a morning. After all it’s the little things that count, right?


  1. The Red Zone.

If it is your time of the month, then it is your turn to be on trash duty. It is probably best to keep them blissfully unaware of what goes on for the next three to five days, as the mood swings and non-stop indulgence in chocolate is enough for them to deal with in itself. Need we say more?


  1. Go to bed at the same time. 

It is incredibly important to maintain the intimacy in your relationship and one way you can do so is by going to bed at the same time. Studies have shown that it can dramatically increase a couple’s sense of closeness – so whether you stay up until 1 a.m. in an in-depth conversation or fall asleep in his arms, keep the good sleeps flowing.


  1. Make mundane, amusing.

Romance can be dull when you see your partner everyday so to keep the spark very much alive and well in your relationship by making those mundane tasks a little more enticing to do. For example, when you both do grocery-shopping try one time turning it into an amazing race by dividing the shopping items and seeing who can finish first. Yes, we know it may seem a little childish, but it brings the silly right back into fashion in our books! No doubt you will be laughing hysterically on the drive home.


  1. Create your own unique love story.

Sometimes acting silly is the best kind of remedy – and so on occasion allow yourselves to really let loose by singing and dancing around your kitchen after a few too many glasses of red. It will be moments like these that you find yourself falling in love with each other all over again…



September 27, 2016
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August 29, 2016
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