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    They didn’t look good at your Year 10 formal, and unless you’re Leandra Medine, they don’t look good now. If you can’t handle the torture of wearing a 9-inch Loboutin all day (how can something so pretty be so goddamn painful?!), stick to a chunky-heeled mule or a boot, please.


  1. $$$
    The size of your pay check might seem like the be all and end all some days, but in reality everyone struggles to live within their means, and the more money you earn, the more likely you are to waste it on things you really don’t need, like $40 hand wash from Aesop and eye cream that promises you fewer lines on your face than the description on that surfer dude’s Tinder profile. It’s all about being sensible when you can so you can afford the finer things when it really matters. Waking up 10 minutes early each morning to take a packed lunch to work will easily save you $50 a week, as will saving your pennies for a good quality dress you’ll wear 100 times rather than a cheapie you’ll wear once and then hide at the back of your wardrobe forever.


  1. XS-L
    Although it might be easy to shed a tear when we don’t fit into our usual clothing size (this usually happens when I spend my aforementioned lunch money on Guzman and Gomez burritos all week…) in reality it’s just a number on a label. It’s all about being fit and healthy, and its easy to forget that the girl in the change room next to you who fits into a size 4 might never exercise, only eat potato chips and be blessed with a fast metabolism (don’t you hate those people?). Being healthy is about more than just your size: if you eat right and make time to sweat, you’ll sleep better, your skin will glow and you’ll be happier and less stressed. These benefits are much more important than squeezing into size 24 jeans!