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Drunk Texting: The Do’s, The Don’ts and the Aftermath


1. Delete Their Number

This can be quite helpful if the object of your affection is (a) your ex; (b) someone who doesn’t quite return your interest or (c) someone you, all your friends AND your Mum know that you shouldn’t be talking to in the first place. Delete your message stream so you’re not reminded of them and delete their number from your phone, which will completely remove the temptation to contact them at all. Let’s just say I have done this many a time and ended up messaging the person on Facebook instead, but I’m hoping you won’t reach my level of desperado. In the event that you do, delete them on Facebook too.


2. Enlist Help from Friends

Tell your girlfriends that no matter how desperate you are for their D post-midnight, to not let you text this person! If they’re good girlfriends they will yell words of discouragement at you when you reach for your iPhone, snatch it out of your hands or, in my case, even confiscate it from altogether, at least until you are sober.

3. Turn Off Your iPhone

If you’re a seasoned drunk texter like me, the best thing to do may be to turn off your iPhone and stow it at the bottom of your Daily Edited purse. Out of sight, out of mind ladies! Instead of spending half the night on your phone, grab a drink, hit the DF and focus on having fun with your girlfriends!


4. The Sunday Morning “I’m Sorry” Message

If all else fails, it’s time for damage control. This is a tricky one because messaging them again might not sound like the best idea, but if you want to walk away from the situation with your dignity in tact send them a quick, witty text the next day apologising for your drunken bravado and explaining that you were knee-deep in tequila when you rang them 14 times and told them you wanted their babies.


The moral of the story is: don’t drink and text ladies! If you’re going to do anything, post several snaps of you and your friends looking hot and the object of your affection will probably text you themselves…

August 29, 2016
October 3, 2016
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