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  1. Go out with mutual friends

Those high-school days are over – the age gap between the two of you no longer matters. You’ll find that as you get older, both of your friendship groups will slowly merge into one and this will make going out with your sister that tad bit more exciting. Sharing the same friends, both guys and girls, means that you can socialise together and enjoy each other’s company at various events and outings.


  1. Plan a shopping vacation

Your sister’s one of the best shopping partners you have. You’ve both got similar taste, you know she’ll tell you the truth when you ask for her opinion and you can both shop from dawn till dusk without fail (seriously). So, it makes sense for the two of you to plan a trip that’s purely based around shopping! London, New York, Paris – there are just so many options! So save up your pennies and visit one of the fashion capitals of the world together. It will be an unforgettable experience!


  1. Move out together

We all want to experience the freedom of living out of home, but when it comes to finding a roommate, you never know what you’re in for! Except, well, when that person is your sister. Think about it – you’ve lived under the same roof as her for the majority of your life, so if you move in together, there’ll be no surprises. You won’t be afraid to tell her to clean up after herself and it won’t be a big deal if one of you is late on paying rent at the end of the month. You’ll know when to give each other space and when a sisterly bonding session is in need.


  1. Cherish each other’s partners

Lets face it; your sister’s opinion is the only one that matters to you when you start dating a new guy. If she doesn’t like him – you won’t be able too either. But if she does give you her approval, you know he’s a keeper! And because you both wont let each other settle for anyone less than prince charming, chances are that the two of them will get along like a house on fire too! Your partners will become a part of the family and you’ll be treating her boyfriend like your older brother in no time. So embrace the time you all spend together as best you can – go on double dates, organise weekends away and go out all together. Oh, and family outings will be oh-so-much more fun with all of you there!


  1. Watch home videos together

Rummage through your collection of home videos, grab a bowl of popcorn and prepare to be seriously entertained. You’ll both be reminded of all the childhood memories that you’ve forgotten about over the years – the ballet concerts, made-up dance routines, family vacations and all those unique moments that just happened to be captured on film. You’ll find yourselves in stitches of laughter as well as shedding a few tears of joy too. It will no doubt be a night to remember, so see what you can find and travel back in time together!


  1. Always be there for one another

The beauty of sisters is that they are there for each other no matter what. They tell each other everything, are honest with one another and always keep in touch no matter where they are in the world. So, be her shoulder to lean on when she’s upset, support her when she needs it, believe in her, see the best in her and treasure the friendship the two of you share.



October 28, 2016
November 7, 2016

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