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1.  You MUST ooze confidence…

Too often as women, we are afraid to make that first move (we tend to think its up to the men to do the picking) – well, that’s not the case and it’s time to get ballsy. Dive in like you were fighting for the only ripe avocado in the stack!

2.  Looking good, feeling good

Ever have those nights where you loved your outfit, your make up was on-point but you get home, (ahem, alone!) look in the mirror and think, “F*#k, what a waste!”Time to cease the moment. You’ll only get older, uglier or more intoxicated so breathe deep, wear the sh*t outta that outfit and go in for the kill!

3.  Make it topical.

Lead in with something you might share in common and halve the risk of rejection immediately.

Let’s look at my latest experience as an example, shall we?

Last week while entering the fruit and veg section, I caught the eye of a dishy hunk in a crisp white shirt. Trying to focus on picking out the freshest looking bunches of broccolini, I carried on through the supermarket, mulling over a hummus purchase and whether to splurge on haloumi.

Deciding on a rocket, pear and Parmesan salad to accompany my salt-crusted rump steak, we met again in front of the cheese fridge. My friends know this to be true of me, but I am often asked in the supermarket if I’m lost or finding everything ok. I must be looking so intently at the produce in front of me? More often than not, my head is up in the clouds just enjoying the wander (I must admit I do get rather excited about doing a good grocery shop). Trying to remain calm as this small-bunned babe stood over me, also contemplating what Parmesan to buy and why the F there were so many. I went all in, picked up a cheese, flashed a smile and set off to grab some milk. But, I’d only taken 3 steps when the self-doubt arose; did I REALLY want the Parmigianino- Reggiano or the Grana Padano? Should I go for the block or buy grated, ideally I wanted shaved but they didn’t have it – you can see I was all over the place.


Round 2 – I went back in. Funnily enough, he did a similar manoeuvre. And I thought, it’s on – he’s totally lingering. He walked from my left side, to my right and back again, in my mind he wanted to get up on this OR was I just the idiot standing in the middle of the display… surely not. This is the moment I grew a pair. I thought, he’s lingering and I’m horny and what’s the worst thing that could happen? “God, I just never know which cheese to go for,” strong opening line from Stubbs. The man smiled and nodded in a way he knew what I was all about. I proceeded to ask his opinion on whether he knew what the differences in two specific types were, which by the looks of things he was struggling with himself. “Well…” he began – hook, line, sinker, we got a live one! Unfortunately, his chat didn’t quite measure up to his ‘beaut’ completion or Colgate smile. We kept dabbling in the cheese banter for a couple of minutes, debated regions of Italy until he lifted one to his nose and took a little sniff. “Ah smart,” I said. “Mmm, smells like it would go well with pasta,” he replied. Aaaaah, was that an invitation? Should I cancel my plans to eat at home alone and spend a romantic evening with you? Would now be the time to tell you I don’t have a gallbladder so couldn’t cope with a creamy sauce? My daydream was interrupted with, “have a good night”, a smile and an exit stage left. A for effort, D for result.


Round 3 – He needed mineral water and I just happened to be stocking up on a few bottles. No more flanter, back to browsing the aisles and contemplating tomorrow night’s salmon marinade.


Round 4 – He’s checking out with a brunette girl by his side, probably chatting about how good his cheese selection was and how delicious their dinner will be. Knock Out. Let’s not let the outcome affect the action. I came away from this experience feeling proud I’d done something a little out of my comfort zone. As well as the knowledge to lead with haloumi chat next time round, the sure thing of cheeses. One thing to remember when dropping the first line, absolutely NO weather chat. This is a low point neither you or him can recover from… save it for your dentist.



September 16, 2015
July 28, 2016

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