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Permission to Pin and/or ‘Gram ‘til your heart’s content! Well sort of… Think of this as more of a research mission. Spend a bit of time looking through any recent fashion related saves, magazines or blogs and gather some more images of outfits that you admire. Once you have built up a reasonable collection you should start to notice some common elements to your aesthetic.


Let. Go.

Now this is where it gets tough. It’s time to toss anything that doesn’t make you feel a million bucks. It’s that simple- do you like it but never seem to wear it? Have a look at your style mood board, chances are whilst you still hold on to it it’s no longer true to your personal style. You want to feel refreshed and inspired when you put on an outfit, don’t start your day with a compromise or feeling less than well-dressed. So if a piece isn’t in line with your “look” or you can’t think of a time in the not-so distant future that you can give it a workout it’s time to move on.



The “Keep” Pile

With your new look in mind there’s probably already pieces in your wardrobe that are worth keeping in rotation. Classics just never go out of style such as a leather jacket, high quality knitwear, well cut denim, sturdy denim, quality cotton shirts, tailored blazer or a lush woollen coat. Look for timeless tailoring, a good fit and quality fabrics and these pieces will lay the groundwork for an ever stylish wardrobe.

Other pieces that may not seem like such a staple such as shearling jackets, culottes, a fur coat, vintage band tee or a turtleneck knit may be floating around in there from previous seasons but are worth keeping as they are big news for winter. Culottes can be worn with ankle boots to carry them into cooler conditions and fur coats with a slinky silk slip dress will soon be your go-to evening attire. Flick back to your images for a little bit of styling inspo to work these existing pieces into new looks.


The Accessories Department

Last, but not least are those finishing touches for any outfit. A perfectly curated selection of accessories will always make or break an outfit so it’s crucial that you finely tune this department of your wardrobe. When looking to refresh your little assortment instantly get rid of anything that you are no longer in love with, or has fallen into bad condition- tarnished jewellery, misshapen hats, scuffed shoes beyond repair… it’s gotta go. Some pieces may just need some TLC, a staple black leather boot may need some polish or classic ballet flats can be re-soled, as long as these pieces are of a high quality to begin with it might be worth investing in the time or money to get them back in good nick.

Other things that are worth holding onto heading into this season are small cross-body bags, statement earrings and belts (the perfect combo with vintage high waisted denim). And while you’re sorting through things consider if there’s a new way of working each piece. A silk scarf be tied around a loose top knot or low pony for an unexpected cool-girl twist, or an old chain style necklace can be reinvented as a strap on a clutch for some statement hardware. Accessories are there to have fun with so get creative with them to add a unique twist to your everyday style.





Feature by JESSICA EVA of THE EVE BLOG “A self-confessed shopaholic, magazine addict and interiors nerd forever in search of the perfect Soy latte.”






May 22, 2017
June 2, 2017

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