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Friday’s in Sydney call for three things – good company, great food and even better COCKTAILS. Now, whether you have had a shitty day at work, or you are just ready to let your hair down, there’s nothing quite like starting the weekend with a few wines or espresso’s with your bestie’s after work. And this is the beauty of #cocktailhour; no matter the drink of choice, it’s about settling in with good friends and catching up over a cold one. So, we thought we would let you in on a few of our favourite watering holes that should be noted for the weekend ahead. Enjoy! 





TUXEDO, The Rocks

Good news ladies, there’s a new cocktail bar in town dedicated SOLELY to the Espresso Martini lover!

Tuxedo has opened with seven different Martini options. For those ladies who are needing a drink stat and don’t really want to wait for it to be made, you can order an Espresso Martini on right from the tap (it’s also cheaper), but the freshly concocted version uses carefully selected ingredients. “Our base Espresso Martini has Single Origin coffee, vodka and Mr Black [cold-drip coffee liqueur], so it’s super-clean, super-tasty,” says Sweeten. “We’ve also got a dirty Espresso Martini, which uses cold-drip coffee.”

To try something new, a rum-based Espresso Martini with Frangelico and chocolate liqueur, or a sweeter number with amaretto, or the decaf version.