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When did you first discover your love for art?
To answer this question I have to no what art means, and for a long time I didn’t know – some days I’m still confused. I think I’ve always been fascinated by aesthetics and my taste has developed a lot through the last five years. I bought my first artwork in 2009. I think that was the time I thought I’d rather have something original on my walls than a print. Though I couldn’t find what I wanted which was when I started to develop and explore my own style.


One hidden quirk that no one knows about you…
I don’t own a TV, my favorite movies are all Disney, the only social media app I have on my phone is Instagram and to cleaning and organizing my mess is almost impossible. I spend hours just sitting and staring at it (that’s just to name a few).


Where do you look for inspiration to get your creative juices flowing?
The best inspiration is actually just to be alone. Maybe for days. With myself and my thoughts. At some point I will feel a need to work – maybe it’s because I’m so bored – haha I don’t know. But at that particular time I loose track of time and space and I’m just there with my drawings. Architecture is a big inspiration for me too. To imagine where a piece of work would hang.


Describe your creative style or angle in your work…
I would rather ask you: What do you see?
I work around imperfection with a mission to simplify the complexity of our human kind. How this is done is up to you (the perceiver) to describe. I simply don’t know.


How did your collaboration with The Paddington Inn come about?
I was contacted by Aurélie Pinar, an interior stylist, who was working on the project for The Paddington Inn. She wrote me to ask about my drawings and way of work. She showed me some pieces they had picked out and asked if they could order these. The thing is I don’t do print or copy – I cherish  original work, so I asked if I could be inspired by the pieces they showed me but create something unique for them. Without saying much more they agreed. I then started to think about what story I wanted to tell with the piece. After a few weeks I knew that the piece should tell a story about how strangers meet. How we are judged from our first hand experiences. How some might be shy, but come off as arrogant. That first meeting.. you know?


Do you have a favourite piece of artwork amongst your collection?
It changes all the time. The first time I made the large blue pieces I made two. I worked a whole weekend non stop and I chose to keep one. It’s definitely one of my favorites. Another more recent one is a self portrait I made with closed eyes using a blue acrylic.


If you could collaborate with anyone (brand, artist or person) who would it be…
If I could collaborate with anyone… That’s a really good question. Thinking about that makes me realize it’s not that much about the brand, but about the purpose. I really want to do some social work – to help people. To do something for someone. Maybe it’s a cliché – I just truly believe that there’s already enough stuff and materialistic things in this world. I have a huge girl crush on Camille Rowe though – haha so I would collaborate with her any time! But don’t get me started with all my crushes 😉


Do you have any other passions besides art?
I have just finished studying the spiritual practices of Yoga at a school in Bali. Yoga is truly a new passion of mine – I love it. I’m quite wild by nature and yoga is a way to keep me grounded in a way.


Current workday playlist you are listening to…
I have made a playlist called Bali on Spotify – the only thing I listen to at the moment.


What was the first piece of artwork you ever sold?
I think it was in 2012 or 2013 when I sold a tiny penguin holding a balloon to a friend.


Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?
I have many, but I shall try to keep it simple. What ever you do – Be different. Take risks. Know that you will fail. You will make mistakes. You will disappoint people. Know that you can’t be everything for everyone, but you can be something for someone. Reach out!!! But first and foremost – just be real. Be kind and curious – and never stop practicing.
What can we expect to see from you in 2017? Any exciting projects coming up?
I have a collaboration with an upcoming designer from London named J.V Reid. I made a limited edition t-shirt with him which will be released in the Spring. Other than that I plan to start my journey and exhibit worldwide – perhaps Paris, London, NYC. I hope to return to Australia and finish the year with another exhibition to end where the year started.




December 9, 2016
December 12, 2016

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