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6.15 AM –

Alarm goes off. Snooze.

6.20AM –

Alarm goes off again. Snooze again.

6.30AM –

Give in to the alarm. Check emails, read anywhere between 65-85 that have filtered in overnight, mark anything as unread that needs attention after caffeine consumption.

6.45AM –

Check the social feeds, Snapchat, Facebook, IG for as far as I can scroll (I never make it to the end of my feed anymore), read “The Skimm” a daily newsletter that summarizes the world news in bullet points. This always takes at least 30-40 mins.

7.10AM –

Roll out of bed into my gym gear and consume two types of Lemon: 1 x glass of freshly squeezed lemon water, 1 x dose of Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ through my earphones as I leave the house for a power walk/run. I just moved house so I’ve been snap chatting the cute houses in my neighborhood I one day dream of buying.

7.45AM –

Home, shower, dress, grab half an Avocado and a Boiled egg from the fridge.

8.10AM –

Collect my cold brew coffee from Deus or Superba and hit the 10 freeway from Venice to Downtown LA.

8.50AM –

Arrive at the showroom, somewhat caffeinated, attend to those “Mark as Unread” emails and anything else that’s trickled in since I left the house.

9AM –

Touch base with my Marketing Director, 50% personal life 50% professional life update, list the top tasks we need to conquer together that day.


Touch base with my PR team & interns, ensure they’re briefed on todays agenda – whether it be celeb stylist showroom pulls, off site meetings, event prep, gifting, range handover. Then try and wade through remaining emails.

10AM –

Blogger showroom pulls always start from 10am. Today is Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What who’s visiting from NYC.

10.30AM –

Conference call with Teen Vogue

10.45AM –

Email catch up

11AM –

Out of office coffee meeting with a local event space about our BNKR LA store opening event

12NOON –

Complain about being hungry, order a salad, eat it during email catch up

12.30PM –

Last minute showroom pull with Monica Rose’s team (Kardashian/Jenners/Hadid stylist), they usually drop by once a week and tear the showroom apart.

1.30PM –

Conference call with Reward Style (blogger network agency). My assistant accommodates a last minute pull for Ciara’s styling team.

2PM –

Email catch up before East Coast wind up their day and Australia wake up.
2.30PM –
Pick up a Venti Green Tea from Starbucks with my Marketing Director and vent for 5 minutes. This is called a Venti & vent.
3PM –
Australia’s emails start to trickle in, sip Venti and stay calm.
3.30PM –
Blogger showroom pull. One of my favorites, Sonya Esman of Class is Internal.
4PM –
The Skype calls begin with Australia. Today’s is with C/meo Collective Head Designer & our company Creative Director regarding our C/meo Collective collaboration with Solange Knowles for her website Saint Heron (launching end May!)
4.30PM –
Call with floral vendor regarding a BNKR event we’re throwing with Media/Bloggers next week.
4.45PM –
PR/Marketing Skype call with our Australian counterparts. We touch base every couple of days.
6PM –
Finish off emails.